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An inch is abbreviated as in, and the unit of measurement feet is abbreviated as ft.

Note that throughout our website we also use the following symbols for feet and inches: the prime ′ symbol for feet and ″, a double prime, for inches.

Now read on to learn how to convert inches to feet.


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Convert Inch to Feet

The inches to feet conversion is quite easy: as one foot is twelve inches we can divide the length in inches by 12 to get the length in ft.

The formula inches into feet is:

ft = in / 12
′ = ″ / 12

For example, 120 inches = 15 feet.

Converting inches to feet can either be done by multiplying the length or height in feet with 1/12 or by dividing the length or height in ft by 12.

Just remember that there are 12 inches in a foot.

Now you already know how many inches are in a foot.

In the next section we explain our converter which does the length conversion automatically for you.

Inch to Feet Converter

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Our calculator will then show you the corresponding value in ft and feet and inches combined.

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By reading so far you have found out about inches in feet and inch to foot.

In addition, we have explained our inches to feet calculator to you.

Next we give you some additional information on the United States customary and imperial and systems of measurement.

About This Site

We have created this website including our inch to feet converter to help you with the length conversion.

In particular, visitors from countries which have the metric system of measurement as their official units of length sometimes have difficulties when it comes to the conversion inches to feet.

They may also be interested in learning that the singular form for inches is inch, and the singular for feet is foot.

Therefore, the following question how many inches in a feet is grammatically incorrect, rather it should be how many inches is a foot, or something similar.

However, as this site is about systems of unit conversion, we focus on conversion instead of grammar in cases such as when people have typed 1 feet is equal to how many inches etc.

And if you belong to those people coming to this website by searching in their preferred search engine for how many feet are in an inch, feet in inches, inches to foot, as well as how many feet are in a inch for example, be assured that you have found the right site indeed.

The answer to How many feet in an inch? and How many feet in a inch? you definitively know now.

The conversion from inches to feet is straightforward: Simply divide amount of inches by twelve to get the length in feet.

Or make use of our converter inch to feet.

But what is the correlation between inch and yard? One yard is 3 ft.

As 1 ′ = 1/3 yd and 1 ′ = 12 ″ we can deduct that 1″ = 1/36 yd.

So in case you want to convert inches to yards you have to divide the amount of inches by 36.

Last but not least, here are the metric equivalencies of feet and inch:

1 inch = 0.0254 m
1 inch = 25.4 mm
1 foot = 0.3048 m
1 foot = 304.8 mm


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