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Inches to Feet Conversions

Inches to feet conversions is the name of our category with posts explaining how to change a particular length in the imperial and Unites States customary unit inch (in) to the unit foot (ft). Every article contains the formula and the result of the conversion in decimal and fraction form in various notations using symbols and abbreviations, such as “ for inch and ‘ for feet. Each post also contains the value for x inches in other common units of length, both metric and non-metric. Additionally, every article comes with an inches to foot converter which can calculate both, inches to feet as well as inches to inches and feet combined. A link to the inverse operation, directions about where to find further information about the units, and a comment form are always included, too. Because there are a lot of inches to feet conversions category pages, we advise you to use our search box to locate a specific inch to foot conversion.