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Welcome to our feet to inch page.

Here we show you how to convert feet to inches, either manually or by means of using our converter.

If you have been wondering about how many feet in an inch, then you have found the best site to have your question answered.

In case you have been searching for feet into inches or foot to inch, then you won’t be disappointed either.

On this website we make use of ft to denote feet or foot, and when we write in we mean inch or inches.

The symbol for inches and feet are ” and ′, respectively. Keep reading about the feet to inch conversion below.


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Convert Feet to Inch

Here’s is how to convert feet to inches.

To convert feet to inch we simply multiply the amount of ft by 12 to find the equivalent length or height in inches.

The formula to convert feet into inches is:

in = ft x 12
″ = ′ x 12

For example, 4 feet in inches equals 48 inches.

There is really no magic involved when it comes to feet into inches.

Now you already know how many feet in an inch? One foot = 12 in.

Remember this feet to inches conversion by heart, or bookmark our feet and inches calculator below to be prepared if you need to do a length conversion again in the future.

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This ends our paragraph about converting feet to inches manually.

Feet to Inch Converter

Our feet to inch converter at the top of this page is pretty easy to use.

Enter the length in ft in the first field, and you if you have some inches enter them in the second field.

To start a new conversion feet to inches press the “reset” button first.

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About This Article

We have created this page to help visitors doing the conversion of feet to inches.

This article will be particularly useful for people unfamiliar with the US and imperial units of length.

Those visitors should also keep in mind that one foot is the correct singular form for twelve inches.

Yet, this page is about unit conversion, not grammar, so when you have been typing how many feet are in an inch instead of how many inches is in a foot in your favorite search engine then you are right here, too, of course.

And the same is true for feet in inches and how many inches in feet?


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Now you really know how many inches is a foot.

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